Stamped Concrete

Many landscapers and builders recommend the use of stamped concrete in their projects; these surfaces can also be used in interior areas or transitional and alfresco areas such as patios, outdoor kitchens, decks etc. Concrete is a very durable, resilient and versatile material, and can be treated in a variety of colors, styles and textures. Read more about Stamped Concrete >>

Polished Concrete

Polished floors look great in any setting and complement the look of formal and casual styled interiors and outdoor areas as well as modernistic and traditional spaces. This flooring finish is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and commercial property owners that want to create a unique aesthetic on their property. Concrete surface polish is best handled by experts with experience in the field! Read more about Polished Concrete >>

Epoxy Floors

Concrete floors are increasingly being used in various indoor and outdoor applications on both commercial and residential properties. Modern concrete flooring is a far cry from the dull and grey concrete floors that existed up until a decade ago. Today, expert professionals provide a wide array of concrete floor finishing solutions and epoxy floors are one of them! Read more about Epoxy Floors >>

Decorative Concrete

While softscapes and hardscapes are an integral part of all landscapes, the fact is that modern day homeowners look for much more than basic lawn and planting installations. They want the outdoor areas of their properties to look unique and aesthetically appealing. With this in view decorative concrete becomes an excellent solution and is used by many landscapers in their projects! Read more about Decorative Concrete >>

Concrete Surfacing

When existing concrete flooring needs an upgrade, one common question that’s often asked is whether there is any option to complete replacement; and there is. Concrete surfacing is a technique that can be used to give your flooring a stunning new look. Many people get their old concrete floors polished, but that may not always be a feasible solution! Read more about Concrete Surfacing >>

Concrete Overlays

Concrete is a very solid and durable material that is used in commercial as well as residential flooring applications. There was a time when this material was considered to be dull and drab, but that is no longer the case. Today, concrete is used in the most upscale homes and commercial establishments to great effect. However, most people prefer to give it a different look and aesthetic and this is where concrete overlays come in. Read more about Concrete Overlays >>