When existing concrete flooring needs an upgrade, one common question that’s often asked is whether there is any option to complete replacement; and there is. Concrete surfacing is a technique that can be used to give your flooring a stunning new look. Many people get their old concrete floors polished, but that may not always be a feasible solution.

Sometimes the floors are too beat-up and worn-out as concrete does deteriorate over time. In situations such as these, concrete resurfacing becomes an ideal cost-effective solution. This job is best handled by experts with experience in the field.

If you are looking for professionals that provide these services anywhere in Lewisville, The Colony, Carrollton, or Frisco, you can contact Surface2Surface for the job. They also cater to customers in and around Highland Village, Grapevine, and Flower Mound, and have handled a large number of projects for customers across Plano, Coppell, and Richardson as well.

Today, concrete resurfacing technology has advanced in a big way and different types of resurfacing techniques and finishes can be used to achieve the effect you want such as thick self-leveling overlays and thin micro-toppings.

These are a great way of cover up scratches and dents in concrete flooring and can mask uneven floors as well; they provide a very smooth surface and add a new lease of life to your old and damaged floor. If you want to add a unique finish to a resurfaced floor, you can ask the concrete floor contractors to add an overlay to it.

These will offer additional design and finish options and enhance the aesthetic of your concrete flooring; you can choose from smooth and shiny finishes to textured and matte ones. Skilled contractors are able to provide a variety of concrete finishes and include decorative aggregates in the mix which lend the floor a terrazzo-like effect.

These concrete surfaces when installed by skilled and experienced concrete work professionals, will last for a very long time without any trouble. The experts will visit your location, inspect and assess the concrete flooring and will provide solutions and quotes based on the condition of the floor.

There are a number of advantages to opting for concrete surfacing such as:

  • They can be used outdoors as well as indoors
  • There are a number of resurfacing solutions that are able to endure chemical abrasion, dust, exposure to the sun’s UV rays, climatic changes etc.
  • Since there are so many different finishes available, you have the flexibility to create the look you want and find a solution that fits into your budget.
  • High quality concrete overlays are durable and can last for a number of years
  • They require very basic maintenance like pressure washing and a coat of polish every couple of years.
  • It’s an excellent option to complete concrete floor replacement.

Companies like Surface2Surface ensure that your outdoor areas have excellent concrete surfaces that add to the beauty and longevity of the landscaping. You can rest assured that the best materials will be used in the work and that the job will be completed on schedule, and at a competitive outdoor concrete surfacing cost.


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