Concrete floors are very customizable. You can choose from a number of concrete finishing options based on your requirements, budgets, and design preferences. At Surface2Surface, our technicians take the time to understand your requirements before they recommend a particular finishing system. We have worked on several projects in Lewisville, Highland Village, Coppell, Flower Mound, The Colony, and Little Elm so we have ample experience with concrete floors and different finish options including concrete polishing.

We have polished concrete on residential and commercial properties in Corinth, Carrollton, Grapevine, Southlake, and Farmers Branch so we understand the process like the back of our hand. Here’s a brief introduction to different kinds of concrete polishing systems.

1. High Gloss

High-gloss polishing provides a mirror-like finish to your concrete floors. The surface is reflective and clean in appearance so it’s an excellent option for showrooms, display areas, and homes. We use progressively finer grits during the polishing process to wear down the surface and buff away all imperfections.

This flooring is more resilient and durable than it appears at first glance. Most of our clients assume that high-gloss concrete surfaces are more prone to scratches and dents. Fortunately, that’s not the case as the surface is treated with hardeners and is very resilient. If you maintain it well, the high-gloss effect will last for well over a decade without any problems.

2. Matte Finish

Some clients prefer a more subtle and sophisticated appearance. A high-gloss concrete floor can be very reflective and can cause excessive brightness in some areas. You can solve this problem by choosing a matte finish. The surface will still look clean and smooth, but the appearance will be more satin than glossy.

We stop the polishing process after all imperfections are removed and the floor is even. This ensures the concrete has a smooth surface without any gloss. If you maintain this floor well, the matte finish will last for a long time. You can also polish it further at a later date if you want to add a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish to your floors. Matte floors are ideal for large areas in commercial and residential properties.

3. Dyedand Polished

You don’t have to forgo color if you want polished concrete floors. We can apply concrete acid stains to the floor before the polishing process. This dye sinks into the pores of concrete and bonds with the material, staining it permanently. After the stain has settled in, we polish the floor to bring out the color and ensure the concrete is even. You can choose between matte concrete polish and high-gloss polish based on your budget and preference.

4. Polished Concrete Overlays

A thorough polish will only highlight any cracks and flaws in your concrete floors. If you have an old floor and don’t want to invest in a full replacement, you should consider a polished concrete overlay. This will cover all flaws so your floor looks as good as new.

If you want to excellent concrete polishing and finishing services, you don’t have to look beyond us at Surface2Surface. For further enquires, don’t hesitate to call us at 2142265795.