Rust Mitigation Services

Surface2Surface Rust-Mitigation Service can take care of any rust stain on almost any surface. Each rust removal job is a unique process. The first step in rust removal is identifying the source of the problem.
Rust stains can come from things such as:

  • Metal objects (Outdoor Furniture, Satellite Dishes, Exposed Roofing Material, Etc.)
  • Hard Water/ Well Water
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Many Other Sources

Look no further. When it comes to rust stain and rust mitigation, you have found the right company!
The Surface2Surface Rust-Mitigation division has a full-time crew dedicated to strictly rust remediation services. Our crews are fully certified in all aspects of rust removal services.
Rust stain removal is very skilled work. This is not a job for anyone who does not know EXACTY what they are doing. The Surface2Surface Rust-Mitigation division has completed many rust mitigation projects to clients in Corinth, Carrollton, Grapevine, Southlake, and Farmers Branch. Our goal is to ensure your concrete surface looks clean and attractive.

The Process (More Steps Are Followd But Here Are The Basics)

  1. The surface is cleaned of all organic material including dirt, grease, grime. Cleaning the surface exposes the minerals that have formed a bond with the damaged surface
  2. The surface is then left to dry for up to 30-45 minutes
  3. Our technicians come back and pre-treat the cleaned surface area exhibiting rust or mineral deposits with the appropriate S2S Global Products ORA (Oxidation Remediation Agent) treatment.
  4. This Agent sits dormant for up to 30 minutes, depending on the damaged surface
  5. After the damaged rust stain area is treated, our technicians carefully rinse the entire area with low pressure, removing the rust stains permanently from any stained or damaged area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rust stain and calcium removal is not a job left to an unskilled vendor. Because of the various sources of the condition, critical steps must be taken for successful results. Concrete contains calcium and free alkali’s that can be negatively affected by the wrong process or exposure to the wrong chemicals. Therefore; It is very important to choose the right company for this service!
Leave this work to the PROS! Call our office today for a free demonstration on any of our rust removal or rust treatment services

The Problem With Rust

Rust is often regarded as one of those “impossible issues” – once it has made its mark, it is there to stay. If you’re trying a do-it-yourself fix, then this theory likely holds true. It is notoriously difficult to remove rust and the longer the issue sits, the more impossible it is to address.
A single rust stain on concrete is comprised of many microscopic iron oxide particles that settle into the affected surface and attach their selves to the free alkali in the concrete matrix. These particles sink into the porous surfaces and essentially become bonded into it. Conventional cleaning efforts typically do more harm than good to a rust issue, and many of the cheap treatment approaches can exacerbate the problem which may lead to an even more expensive prescription up to and including removal and replacement of the affected surface all together.
Rust stains occur when iron reacts with moisture. It can be triggered by several issues, including:

  • Leaky irrigation systems
  • Faulty A/C units
  • Outdoor furniture and lawn ornaments
  • Fertilizer stains
  • Battery Acid

Some discolored surfaces may appear to exhibit a rust stain, but looks can be deceiving. Many customers are surprised to find out that it is actually triggered by battery acid from your car, off-road vehicle, or golf cart.
Typically, rust removal can’t be achieved by a simple cleaner you’d find at a home improvement store, and it definitely won’t be fixed with soap and scrubbing. A successful treatment requires specialized chemicals and mild acids to be professionally dispensed at the proper amounts breaking down the stain in order to lift the particles, thereby removing the stain, while simultaneously sealing the surface. This is where the Surface2Surface Rust Mitigation team comes to the scene.

Our Rust Removal Solution

The Surface2Surface Rust-Mitigation process demonstrates the difference between a DIY rust removal solution and a professional one. Our solution is not only effective on concrete but is highly effective on hardscapes and building exteriors. Some of the most common surfaces we restore are:

  • Parking lots
  • Garages
  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Decks and patios
  • Roofing
  • Vinyl, stucco, and hardy-board siding
  • Brick and masonry

We use a specialized applicator to apply our rust removal cleaning solutions to the affected area. We don’t believe in mere ‘spot cleaning’ – instead, our team takes a comprehensive cleaning approach to completely restore your area. This involves:

  • Applying a cleaner targeted towards your specific rust source
  • Working the solution into the surface to lift the stain and remove buildup
  • Pressure washing the affected area to deliver a clean result

Rust doesn’t add value to any property. With specialized service from your technicians, your property will be restored to its original beauty.

Your Rust Removal Experts

When you’re investing in a rust removal service, you don’t want inexperienced technicians taking the lead. The Surface2Surface Rust-Mitigation team delivers a convenient, effective solution for your property. We earn your trust with a service that includes:

  • Industrial-grade rust removal cleaning solutions
  • Top of the line equipment
  • $2 million in liability coverage
  • Specialized and trained technicians

We genuinely care about our customers, and we’re committed to helping your commercial or residential property be the best it can be. With a specialized rust removal approach and our perfectionist attitude, customers can feel confident that they’re getting a complete solution.
Clear communication is key. Our technicians will inspect your property, implement a solution, and provide pointers to help your property prevent rust occurrences in the future. We work carefully to keep your property ready to succeed for the long run.

Why Rust Removal Matters

If you’ve spotted a rust stain on your property, it’s smart to be proactive in scheduling an appointment with our team. The faster you get a professional solution, the less damage rust can do. We encourage customers to let us fight their rust issue to:

  • Avoid property erosion

Rust actively disintegrates the surface that it lives on. If rust isn’t stopped, it will eat away at the affected surface and cause irreversible issues. The result: Costly repairs, inconvenience, and a property that just doesn’t look good.

  • Maintain health and safety compliance

If rust and runoff join forces, you’re at risk of contaminating the groundwater on your property. This compromises compliance with environmental regulations and creates an unhealthy environment for your landscaping.

  • Project curb appeal

Big orange and red stains don’t do much to inspire a professional image. We protect your property’s appearance with complete rust removal.
Big orange eyesores don’t belong on your property. With a professional solution, your home or business will be ready for a safe, stain-free future. Get a complete rust removal solution from your Surface2Surface Rust-Mitigation team.