While softscapes and hardscapes are an integral part of all landscapes, the fact is that modern day homeowners look for much more than basic lawn and planting installations. They want the outdoor areas of their properties to look unique and aesthetically appealing. With this in view decorative concrete becomes an excellent solution and is used by many landscapers in their projects.

Decorative concrete surfacing is best handled by experts with experience in the field. If you are looking for professionals that provide these services anywhere in

Lewisville, The Colony, Carrollton, or Frisco, you can contact Surface2Surface for the job. They also cater to customers in and around Highland Village, Grapevine, and Flower Mound, and have handled a large number of projects for customers across Plano, Coppell, and Richardson as well.

Concrete has always been described using words like grey, drab and boring; but over the last five years or so, all of that has changed. Today decorative concrete floor surfaces are increasingly being used in even the most upscale projects on commercial and residential properties. So what exactly is decorative concrete and why is it so popular?

  • These surfaces shave a unique texture and styling.
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Decorative concrete involves staining the concrete and giving it a unique finish.
  • It is possible to achieve a very stunning look with acid stained floors.
  • You can get these decorative concrete coatings applied to an existing floor.
  • Since the original floor isn’t entirely replaced, that reduces the cost of the overall project.
  • The technique can be used to mask old and damaged floors very effectively.
  • The work can be completed in a shorter span of time compared to a complete new concrete floor installation.
  • Concrete floor installers use various rendering techniques to create distinctive looking floors.
  • Stained and concrete patterned floors can be finished to perfection to enhance the appeal of the outdoor and indoor areas of your property.
  • These floor finishes are highly customizable and that gives you the design flexibility to create the kind of look you want on your property.
  • These floor surfaces are extremely resilient and are able to weather climatic changes as well as exposure to the sun’s UV rays.
  • They are low-maintenance features that can last for a number of years with very minimal maintenance.
  • Decorative concrete can be stained, sealed and polished to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Regardless of which way you look at it, decorative concrete overlays are an excellent option to full flooring replacement. But if you want a long-lasting floor, you need to hire expert and experienced contractors for the job. Look for professionals that specialize in this work, are licensed and insured and provide guarantees for their workmanship.

Companies like Surface2Surface ensure that your outdoor areas have excellent concrete surfaces that add to the beauty and longevity of the landscaping. You can rest assured that the best materials will be used in the work and that the job will be completed on schedule, and at a competitive outdoor decorative concrete cost.


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