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TFS 9000 Metalloid Epoxy Multi-Surface Solution
$6.75 – $10.50
Featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Garage Rehab”, our amazing TFS 9000 3-D Dynamic Flow Metalloid Epoxy is sold by the square foot and is for customers who want the look of acid stain on any surface but also want the durability and longevity of epoxy. TFS 9000 Metalloid Epoxy is a stylish, 3-D Metalloid epoxy coating system is designed to bring a seamless showroom finish to any surface or concrete floor. With an amazing metallic three-dimensional look, it gives ordinary surfaces amazing color and depth. TFS 9000’s durability and designer finish make it ideal for residential & commercial uses, schools, counter tops, universities, retail businesses, showroom floors, office spaces, sports arenas, museums and so much more. More Info