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TFS 2500 Industrial Epoxy Floor System
$6.50 – $7.75
The most durable Flake floor system on the market, our TFS 2500 Industrial Micro-Flake System is sold by the square foot and offers superior performance in the most aggressive commercial and industrial environments. The TFS 2500 family of systems can be used to renovate commercial parking garages, warehouse floors, commercial garage floors, storage facility floors, and any other floor that requires a durable high wear resistant flooring solution. Available in three high-performance formulations that have been time tested to withstand heavy forklift and pallet jack traffic. TFS 2500 offers exceptional chemical resistance and performs up to 10lbs of hydrostatic pressure. Available in single or double Polyaspartic top coat options, TFS 2500 is an industrial heavy-duty penetrating epoxy that is a rapid curing multi-layered high-mill coating providing exceptional color stability, maximum gloss retention resulting in a durable easy to maintain slip-resistant finish. More Info