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S2S 3/8″ Stamped Concrete Overlay System
$6.99 – $9.50
Our S2S 3/8” Stamped Concrete Overlay System is sold by the square foot and can be applied to any existing stable surface and does not require the cost-prohibitive removal and replacement of your existing substrate. Available in three levels, S2S molds and shapes our proprietary integrally colored polymer modified stamped concrete to resemble a multitude of high-end architectural surfaces. Our specialized surface mold systems (or SMS Tools) are manufactured using actual real pieces of whatever design, pattern, or texture profile that you desire providing you with the most realistic architectural finish on the market. Whether you are looking for the Old-World look of Roman or Italian Slate tile, the timeless look of large-format Tumbled Travertine, or the rustic look of Old-western 6” Distressed Barn Wood Planks, our amazing S2S Stamped Concrete overlay system provides you with an integrally colored, monolithic, Exact Molded Replica of whatever pattern you choose. Best of all, our S2S Stamped Concrete Overlay hits the five major points that we all consider when choosing a flooring solution… Cost effective, Beautiful, Durable, lasts forever, and is easy to Maintain, the S2S Stamped Concrete Overlay is not only designed to make a lasting impression but is backed by the industry’s only LIFETIME WARRANTY.